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Relationship founded on shared vision transcends decades-long international bond

At the root of any successful working relationship, you will find evidence of trust, communication and reliability. Each of these traits has carried the decades-long relationship between Textron Aviation and Kanematsu Corporation. Despite international distance each party has found immeasurable value in its counterpart.

Founded in 1889, Kanematsu entered into business importing wool out of Australia. Since then, the company has developed into an international business leader in Japan, holding five domestic offices and 36 foreign offices. As a trading company, Kanematsu handles a wide array of products and customers, and supports the aerospace needs of the Japanese Ministry of Defense. Through over 50 delivered aircraft and accompanying parts to date, Textron Aviation continues to support Kanematsu.

"Textron Aviation is always trying to get problems solved and support the customers' mission."Mikinori Tsuyama, Kanematsu Corporation

What started with an initial aircraft delivery, has grown into a vital aftermarket relationship. Textron Aviation is proud to support Kanematsu and its customers through special missions aircraft and modification necessities. To further understand how this connection has flourished you must look at its origins.

"In 1992 we delivered the first flight inspection aircraft, a HAWKER 800 configured with an airborne special missions system," shared Shotaro Fuse, Aerospace department manager for Kanematsu. "Since then, we have continuously delivered Textron Aviation special missions aircraft and parts for modification."

"This started as two companies with the same ideals and somewhat of the same dream," noted Marcelo Casenove, Director of Special Missions Parts & Programs for Textron Aviation. "Kanematsu is an extremely important customer for Textron. There is excellent planning and efficient communication on their part that has made our support consistent, and our relationship thrive."

Seeing the importance of the relationship and how it has evolved from both ends is not lost on Mikinori Tsuyama, General Manager of Kanematsu's Aerospace Department. For him, the achievements can be traced to effective communication and a willingness to work together. “When we need to get a problem solved, we collaborate together,” Tsuyama stated. "Textron Aviation is always trying to get problems solved and support the customers' mission."

Fuse agreed, citing the ability to solve problems while working closely with Textron Aviation, saying, "I think the biggest difference between Textron Aviation and other manufacturers is that Textron Aviation listens carefully to the needs of our customers and responds sincerely to them.” Fuse went on to acknowledge Textron Aviation's ability to engage in international business saying, "Textron Aviation's familiarity with the Japanese government's way of doing business is a great advantage. Through relationships with customers, Textron Aviation has gained a great deal of trust, not only because of the products, but through connections as well."

While acknowledging the efforts to this point, there is an excitement centered around the future. With continued success envisioned, both companies see the importance of progressing together and maintaining a trust earned over decades.

"If they don't succeed, then we don't succeed," shared Russell Becker, Senior Customer Support Coordinator at Textron Aviation, and a direct support to Kanematsu. "Working together has built a trust that we both value. I am their voice here and it is my job to push for results."

"Textron Aviation has remained reliable for a long time," Fuse acknowledged. "We look forward to continuing to work together as unique colleagues supporting special missions in the skies of Japan."

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